"Brazil Fit and Swim LLC is a company that each day dedicate itself to provide quality and differentiated products to their costumers. We are committed to deliver comfort and elegance with our beach and fitness wear pieces, offering news, with high technology and all the Brazilian style."

Our purpose is to deliver to our customers products that give them style and comfort to be dressed as they go in search of their dreams or enjoy their most precious moments.
We manage and encourage a healthy life, lived without exaggeration and with great joy.

Our Fitness products are perfect to be used during your workout and in any mode you choose (Pilates, Bodybuilding, Cross Fit, Running, among many others).

We also offer our guests peace of mind during outdoor sports where they can count on our UVA / UVB protection clothes and protect the whole family.

On the beach or in the pool our guests can also count on the beauty and comfort of our pieces, taking with them a little of the Brazilian style.

Most of our products are made from Supplex or Cirre:

Supplex or Sense

10% Elastane
90% Polyamide

* Model the body without becoming transparent
* Gentle and natural touch - allowing indescribable comfort
* Fast drying
* Keeps vivid colors

Due to the air texturization system, it develops a touch similar to that of cotton, combined with the advantages of synthetic fibers. Comfort, resistance, trim and drying faster than other fabrics.


Cirré (or Ciré) is a soft and shiny textile finish obtained with the application of wax heat and pressure.

The fabric with this finish is very similar to leather, looking very smooth and sometimes shiny.

Be active with joy, style and comfort!